A young and dynamic team, helped by experienced experts in new technologies.

Based in Marrakech in Morocco, the company is working with the best universities, and is developping an expertise in the most trending IT technologies.

Node.js, React, PHP/Laravel, Symfony, Java, Angular, React Native, .NET, Xamarin iOS & Android, are just some of the technologies that are mastered by the teams, which continue to train their skills through certifications that are regularly passed, with always the same will : reach excellence.

The company is also developping an expertise in IT security, which is a topic that is more and more required in the IT of today.

The team is fueled by a common passion: doing their job at their best, but also developping a "Quality" approach, a word that is not yet used enough in IT, but the company has a real strategy to that matter, and that's also what is making the team move forward.

A project management carried on by experimented senior PMs, liaising with the partner teams located in the EU.

The tools & processes used to ensure the management of the teams will surprise you by their efficiency and modernity, they quite "break the rules" compared to what is done usually.

It's a will of the company, and of its teams, to differenciate themselves, and provide a high level of quality and reliability in the commitments taken.

A management support from France ensure the link with partners that are developping business in the EU, in order to deliver consistent solutions, perfectly aligned with the needs of the customers.