Marsa BI Paramétrage

Customer: Marsa Maroc is the main operator of ports in Morocco.

Revenues: $256.6 million

Project: Development of an intranet web app for managing key parameters in the business intelligence system.

Travels purchase website

For this website that proposes high standard quality travels, we have imagined a clear and easy-to-use interface.

A smooth navigation, simple and pleasant for the end user has been our main focus.

E-commerce website

We have created an elegant graphics-rich design for this e-commerce website.

We have proposed dark colors and saturated tones to create a high contrast and put the lights on the visuals that are important for the client business.

E-retail website

We have imagined a refined & minimalist interface, well fitting with the high standard aspect of the brand.

The highlight of the numerous visuals was important for this website, as well as the work on the consistency of the visual identity standards.

Mobile application

We have created an application for the children, that allows them to communicate easily together, share images and organize events, all this in a controled and secure way.

The interface has been thought to be easily understandable, while integrating in a subtile and convenient way the lot of features available.

Marketing website

We have created a premium design, elegant and fitting well with the high standard side of the brand for this marketing oriented website.